the Vistera project

Powered by the European Institute for Systems Biology and Medicine the Vistera Project proposes the first study in France and Europe with active engagements for the individual participants: follow-up over time, access to a comprehensive dataset, make sense of the data with advanced computational tools, access to a personalised dashboard for health and wellness coaching.

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Whole genome sequence (once) to identify actionable genomic variants.


Clinical chemistry (three times a year) with a focus on  nutrition and on data that have actionable consequences.


Gut microbiome quantification (three times a year).


Quantifield self-measurements including heart and respiration rate, quality of sleep, weight, blood pressure and calorie uptake.

Personal traits

Identification of representative ongoing health changes in the individual’s life.


Targeted organ-specific (brain, heart, liver) proteomics analysis in the blood.

This short-term project will help to determine your health trajectory and potential deviations from your healthy status, thus allowing you to react and take immediate measures.

In this study, slight deviations from your healthy parameters will be detected early and actionable recommendations will help you to return to your own health and wellness status.

An Innovative Project

Engaging participants

and healthcare professionals to design the methods and technological tools adapted to the collection, processing and delivery of personal data.

Providing a secure platform

that medical universities, healthcare professionals and participants can use to further disseminate the benefits of Participatory, Preventive, Predictive, Personalised (P4) Systems Medicine and individual health and wellness management.

Personal data cloud

Centralised and associated technological solutions are used to ensure that compliance with established regulatory, technology and data standards is attained.

Not for medical advice

The information provided should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. Always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional regarding any medical condition.

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